Sunday, November 2, 2014

It is still cold and windy and Halloween night Conniie said they only had about a handfull of kids and usuallt they ave at least 25 tom5

Out of curiosity has an he was lucky that he had a lot of tools in the basement and along with it a saw. he was lucky to be one ever found Jack and Sherry....I am not. It was and is confusing at first Out of practice whwen thee news gaveiffing.That is what really brings If you can't read this or make sense out of it, ignore. It is losing an hour sleep. I am trying to get this written so I can get it out of my sight. So many mistakes. It was cold last night but not bitter cold. I am sure if they had been like the kids on Halloween night a number of years ago, when the governor and the p0lice and Sherrif's decided because of the deep snow and downed power lines they should cancel Halloween. Talk about a BUNCH OF UNHAPPY KIDS. Only emergency vehicles were allowed on the streets. The fellows that could get out that worked at Cornhusker 800 went around and helped people like us get a big tree down that was already, part way down. In fact he was skinny, unlike his wife and that was the only way we could get out. The door would push just a little

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