Friday, December 5, 2014

What Life is Like

I was to make a really newsy long blog but I am getting my hair cut in a short while so this will be very shiort. I truly believe Sheila and Terrre I am settled into a blog for a while. Sometimes it just takes more time than you think and believe it or not the system has changed just since I started again a few weeks ag. I will get used to them anything to get back to my friends. This whole move has been different but always turns out good. I must go or will be late. Will write more later.


  1. Bet your hair looks real nice. It is nice you are settling into blog writing again.

  2. Hey Lucy. I hope you are doing okay. We sure miss reading your blog. If you get this okay I can try to put those blog addresses you wanted here in the comments or I can post them on my blog. Take care, Sheila