Saturday, November 29, 2014

What Life is like

In all of my years of blogging I have never been so unprepared. Sheila, if you happen to see this . As of now this is my blog. It is very much similar in name to the one I had for years and then it was lost. Just started not long ago again but have been absent more than there, lately. I hope everyone that reads this had a good Thanksgiving. We stayed home. Ron and Kathy had the gathering in Cortland about 10 miles away. Since I found out I was 85 instead of 84 I am feeling very old and a bit more lopsided plus lost my voice. I can't see any point in going to a gathering if you can't talk. How is your dad? I saw your mom on here but can not seem to catch up with her. I miss everyone but i always get a little down at Thanksgiving and Christmas and not feeling well didn't help. Your blog always cheered me up. I saw your Halloween blog. My old friends like Sherry and Shirl. told me keep on blogging. I hope to. Just unsettled in what is next. I saw you and Terre-tare trying out the new blog area. I have been on this and not real sure I would tackle anything new right now.Not sure I would qualify since I am not as involved in as much as I was. Wish I was a workaholic like your mom. Must go Sheila. I think you may be able to reply to this but not sure. Try it and I will be sure to reply. I think it is


  1. Great to see you blogging again. Looking forward to your future posts.

  2. Hi Lucy, I found you okay. I hope you can get it figured out so we can hear from you more often. Thanks for the blog compliment, I need to go update it soon. Dad is doing okay and Mom is probably working too much... Ha. You are doing something right because we are getting your posts. Take care and don't stay away too long! Sheila