Sunday, November 30, 2014

What Life is Like

Good Morning to all that want or need a good morning. and  if not, just ignore that part . which I am sure you already have done.  Sheila, I had a nice blog all written to you and I am sure it is hanging around here some where.  If it hasn't gone to blogger  Space  land.  I probably have more blogs out in outer space than anyone..  I saw you and Terre-tare on the streamlined blog they have now here.  I am not involved as much in Google-Chrome so not sure I could qualify even if I wanted to.  That is no big thing as far as I am concerned.  I have enjoyed Google when I was more involved but I have to know my limitations, with my body  and mind.  Since I found out I was 85 instead of 84 the body has figured out t it is old.  I still do have a pretty fair mind.  Still the same about trying out things and usually they don't work. I saw your mom..but have not been able to catch up with her.  I so admire her for her pluckiness.  I think she may have dropped Google+.  I avoided it also when I used to be in here off and on but have spent some time there and enjoy it now.  Don't know for sure what the near future holds for me.   I have got to get an appointment to go to the Eye specialist that did my cataracts.  My regular physician wants me checked for glaucoma. I would like to have the laser treatment but you don't do that when Social Security is your only income.  Our program, Insurance, that is does not cover eyes our dental  well in most instances.    Sheila if you have Jacks correct  blog address plus Paulas ,Chatte Crone, Shirl's, and Terretare, Could you please  send them to me.  Not sure how you will get back to me but my blog is as I know you see What Life is Like.  Sorry I have not been more active.

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  1. How did you discover you were a year older than you thought? Just curious?